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Who Are We?


Quite simply, we are IT people who know other IT people and can put our clients in touch with the best of them.


The Transparency IT team have worked in the industry for years. We have experience which spans the whole IT industry, Rolodexs loaded with contacts, and a deep understanding of the needs and frustrations faced by IT managers. Finally, we have The Network. And we use all of this to put great people in way of great opportunities within our client's businesses.


What Is The Network?


The Network is a pool of potential. Itís the product of two Rolodexs, lots of coffee meetings and years of experience. Itís our list of great people we have worked with over the years, or had recommended to us by people we know and trust.


Most IT managers know the frustration of working with Recruiters, the whole "scatter gun", death by a thousand unsuitable candidates approach. Transparency IT doesnít work that way. Transparency IT has The Network.


The Network doesnít contain anyone we donít trust, that we havenít seen rise to the challenges presented by a new role. We know the projects the people in The Network have worked on, the skill sets that they have acquired. This means we don't need to foist a raft of candidates on you, hoping one will scrape in. 

When we recommend people from The Network, we can tell you their strengths, and we'll tell you their weaknesses. We tell you how we got in touch with them, and what we have seen them do. In short, we we tell you everything we know about them and why we trust them.


It's those two factors, our experience in the industry and The Network, that make Transparency IT different. And its those two things that make working with us better. It's because we get IT.