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Transparency are unique. All of Transparency’s recruiters are IT people from way back. We know IT, we speak IT, we get IT people. We know you know IT people too. Pitch us to a company you know, and we’ll make our win your win. We’ll give you a new Pebble Time (not sure what we are talking about? Find out more about the best wearable so far here) for your efforts. More after the jump.

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At Transparency, we specialise in reaching out to great IT people, putting our clients in touch with the best. Despite being dedicated to the IT industry, our approach to finding quality IT people is old school. We understand IT ourselves and have rolled up our sleeves, working in a variety of areas in IT, and this makes us great judges of other IT people.


We know that we can offer a service that others cannot. We've done IT, we speak IT, we get IT people. But over and above this, we are completely transparent. When you work with us, we will tell you everything we know. No more evasive half answers, no more uncertainty around costs, qualifications and contracts. Straightforward, clear cut, old fashioned transparency.




Those who know Transparency, know we are keen on our coffee. Which is convenient, because as recruiters, we spend a lot of time in cafes. Over the last few years we have been documenting the good, the bad, and the downright undrinkable of Perth coffees. If you are interested in reading about our travels through the murky underworld of the Perth coffee scene, click on through to our blog here.

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